Sunday, February 20, 2022

Serverless Discord Bot using AWS Lambda

A Discord admin friend of mine mentioned how an old Bot he really liked was no longer working, website down, developer out of contact, etc.  I'd always been curious about Discord Bot development, but never had a reason to give it a shot.  

One of my concerns was performance vs. hosting costs.  While poking around on the internet I came across a few articles talking about a serverless approach using AWS Lambda and DynamoDB.  This interested me as I have used a variety of AWS offerings in the past but had not yet learned Lambda or DynamoDB.  

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

Use Google Apps Script to post Gmail messages in a Discord channel

While helping a friend set up a Discord server and Patreon account we discovered that the Patreon Bot does not post any notifications about new patrons.  The only thing it does is assign Discord roles associated with Patreon tiers if configured by the creator AND the user has their Patreon account linked with their Discord account, which is rare.

Moderators need to receive a notification for each new patron so they can verify the member receives the roles and benefits they are entitled to even if their Patreon account is not linked to their Discord account.

Wednesday, January 12, 2022

DayZ Safe Zone Maker

I didn't see a tool for this out there, so I thought I'd write this as a mobile-friendly web page hosted on GitHub pages that can be used from a browser.  100% JavaScript.

DayZ community server admins sometimes create "safe zones" on the map where players can go to trade or buy a house.  Admins often want to remove all the hostile spawns from that safe zone but there is no easy way to find all the edits that need to be made.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Raspberry Pi for your home network

The Raspberry Pi can provide a great deal of functionality to your home network.  Here are some uses I recommend:
  1. Encrypted DNS
    So your ISP can't log what sites you visit and sell this data to marketers
  2. Ad Blocking
    Significantly speed up browsing for all your home devices
  3. Encrypted FTP
    Securely send and receive large files with friends and business partners
  4. Route 53 Dynamic DNS
    So your FTP address (ftp.domain.tld) always points to your public IP