Sunday, March 5, 2017

Raspberry Pi for your home network

The Raspberry Pi can provide a great deal of functionality to your home network.  Here are some uses I recommend:
  1. Encrypted DNS
    So your ISP can't log what sites you visit and sell this data to marketers
  2. Ad Blocking
    Significantly speed up browsing for all your home devices
  3. Encrypted FTP
    Securely send and receive large files with friends and business partners
  4. Route 53 Dynamic DNS
    So your FTP address (ftp.domain.tld) always points to your public IP

Wells Fargo two-factor authentication

A few years ago Wells Fargo notified me that someone had successfully gained access to my online account through the use of an alphabet attack.  I had to change both my username and password.

Recently the same thing happened to a friend of mine.  It will probably happen to you next.  So here's my advice:  Enable "Advanced Access" on your account.  Every time you try to log in to your account Wells Fargo will use a second form of authentication:  Possession.