Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pneumatic Jack in the Box, Part 1

This year's new prop is a large Jack in the Box - a two foot cube, powered by the Arduino microcontroller. It will have an Insteon InlineLinc relay module inside so that the prop can be controlled with a hand-held remote or an Insteon motion sensor. When the Arduino sees that the InlineLinc has been activated, it will execute the following sequence of actions:
  1. Turn on a spotlight aimed at the prop so people pay attention to it
  2. Spin crank handle (powered by motor) while playing a sound effect
  3. Open the top lid
  4. Pop up a large scary clown head
  5. Play a sound effect while moving the clown's lips with a servo
  6. Lower the head
  7. Close the lid
  8. Turn off the light