Monday, August 16, 2021

Aliens can go F themselves

If space aliens really are visiting us, they aren’t that advanced.

Lately it seems like I can’t scroll through my Netflix or Amazon Prime without coming across yet another new documentary on UFOs or aliens.  While these shows seem very effective at putting me to sleep, I have picked up enough of the lore to come up with a unique perspective, and rant.

A lot of the emotions surrounding this topic seem to focus either on fear (aliens are scary) or wonder (aliens are so great and awesome), I propose we consider another: disappointment.

If the accounts are true, there’s something we can infer from the behavior of these aliens. 
They are not as advanced morally as they are technologically.

In Carl Sagan’s Contact the character of Doctor Arroway believes the most important question to ask aliens is “How did you evolve, how did you survive this technological adolescence without destroying yourself?” suggesting that technology and morality evolve at different rates, at least for humans.

Perhaps the disconnect between developing technology and developing the wisdom to use technology morally is a universal one.  Not a problem limited to just the human condition.  Perhaps technological advancement is simply a matter of intelligence and time; an eventuality any species can achieve.  Perhaps wisdom is gained only through experience, and has greater value.

A modern estimation using the Drake Equation suggests there are approximately 46 other civilizations in our galaxy alone.  In all the reported UFO sightings there are a variety of ship designs and different species described.  We’re talking about a universe more like Men in Black or The Fifth Element with a mix of species who while ahead of us technologically are most likely all over the spectrum morally, based on their experiences.  Utter chaos.  If there is a Galactic Federation with something akin to a Prime Directive, they’d have their hands full trying to shield Earth from everyone and allow us to develop naturally.

In such a populous universe even an Earth with a protected status might be illegally visited by black-market DNA collectors, daredevil tourists or eccentric aliens with a fetish for anal probing.  There may be too many aliens to police, and a few will always get through a protective blockade. 

They’re inept.

Crashes.  If the accounts are true, these aliens don’t know how to drive.  Maybe it’s the equivalent of kids stealing the family car for a romp around the neighborhood that ends badly.  Maybe they took damage trying to sneak through the blockade.

Accidents.  By his own account, Travis Walton was taken aboard to be treated for injuries to his nervous system caused by some sort of accidental energy discharge.  If their ships are prone to dangerous energy discharges maybe they should maintain them better or keep them away from our planet.  

Poor application of non-interference.  Are they total noobs?  They've been seen, they've left behind technology, and rumor has it they've impersonated some of our religious icons.  We could do a way better job in their place. Unless in their vast experience they really have found this is the right balance between the zero interference of the Prime Directive of Star Trek and the full interference of David Brin's Uplift.

They’re rude.

Abductions.  While the majority of alleged abductees are returned unharmed, no one has given consent to be taken and experimented on.  And don’t tell me they entered into a contract with various governments for the right to abduct citizens in exchange for technology.  Their understanding of law, customs and individual freedom should be just as advanced as their technology, right?  Such a contract would be unconstitutional, at least in the United States.

Arrogant critics.  On September 16, 1994 at Ariel School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe:

An alien lands a ship by a playground full of school children.
Tells them to take better care of the planet.

What a dick!

Rides in on his high horse to dispense criticism.  To kids.

How about offering some practical advice? 
Plans for a recycling or clean energy technology that can't be weaponized? 


Then go F yourself.

They're not all we hoped they would be, are they?

So, why hasn’t disclosure happened?
These documentaries go on and on about disclosure,
ad nauseam.  Here are all the obvious reasons.

Loss of faith in religions. 
I doubt this would happen.  Faith is belief in the absence of proof and will continue.  Most religions will find a way to adapt to the reality of aliens without changing their core beliefs.  In fact, I expect we will send many out on missions to convert aliens.  New religions incorporating Humanism may be created.

No confidence in our military. 
There are rumors that the military will not disclose the reality of UFOs and aliens because they are responsible for protecting us and would have to concede impotence.  I don’t think so.  You’re doing the best job you can and thank you for your service.

People will freak out.
Maybe.  But people will come together faster than you think and I bet we’ll see a form of Humanist solidarity the likes of which has never been seen before.

It’s really, really bad and we need more time to prepare a defense.
Possible.  Maybe our protected status ends with official disclosure.  By keeping it a secret, our scientists get more time to reverse-engineer alien technology to mount an effective defense.  In the meantime all the major nations of the Earth pretend to hate each other and we stage skirmishes and wars to distract the aliens and make them think we are divided.  In that case, we shouldn’t even be talking about it, and when the men in black come knocking to confiscate evidence and demand your promise of silence, do your part for humanity and cooperate.  However, if the aliens have hostile intentions, why haven’t they done anything?  If the accounts are true, there is evidence of their presence going back thousands of years.

Destruction of the economy and the human spirit.

This seems the most likely explanation.  You’ve heard of disruptive innovation right?  Someone invents a new technology that completely wipes out an established industry.  Small amounts of it occur regularly in our economy.  Sure, jobs are eliminated, but jobs are also created and we generally benefit.  Imagine this happening more completely and drastically after disclosure.  Materials that are rare on Earth are plentiful on non-life-bearing worlds.  Gold values would plummet.  Almost everything we produce on Earth might be produced more efficiently by other civilizations.  Elimination of so many jobs that the economy can’t support everyone.  People starve.  Fields of academic inquiry might be eliminated overnight because other civilizations have already learned all there is to know.  Or we realize we are so far behind it will take centuries for us to catch up before we can contribute.  Our curiosity and wonder, our human spirit, might be crushed.

It’s a concern that deserves some thought.  We might turn from a globally closed mix of producers and consumers that works relatively well today to an entire planet of consumers hungry for “all that new stuff from the aliens” – at least in the short term.  But we might find that the very reason the aliens are interested in us might also be a marketable good we can produce to pay our way.  It won’t be our DNA, as it appears we’ve already given that away.  It might be our pre-contact arts and literature, our diversity of cultures and traditions.

In the meantime, if you are abducted, try telling them you do NOT consent.  Debate them.  Tell them this is an inefficient process and there are plenty who would volunteer.  Offer to set up a website for signups.  Tell them to give out "all I got was this lousy" T-shirts.  See where it goes.

And no more UFO documentaries please.  I've explained it all here.  Either these UFOs are just advanced military drone tech or they're aliens - but the aliens are kind of disappointing and there are better shows to watch.