Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Polycom Headset Adapter

Thought I could simply plug in my wonderful GN Netcom 4800 headset into my Polycom Soundpoint Pro home office phone but no, a special adapter is required to adapt the RJ9 connection from the Netcom to the 3/32" subminiature phone jack on the Polycom.

I found an adapter on the internet with Polycom part number 2457-11095-002 and ordered it, only to find that its bulky shape didn't quite work with the location of the jack on the Polycom phone.

Disassembly was required in order to make re-orientation possible.

In the process, I documented how the adapter is wired. There did not appear to be any resistors, capacitors or diodes inside the adapter housing.

Polycom Pinout

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